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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pediatrician catfight

February hasn't been shaping up to be the best month health wise for my family.  Everyone (excluding me) has come down with a horrible chest cold.  Last week Matthew was miserable... and just as you're praying for it not to appear, his ears "hurt" and wants me to "fix it, Mommy".  The juggling begins, who has time to take him to the Dr.  My Husband just started this new job, but I don't have 'sick' time... so he takes off early to take Matthew in.  We selected new insurance through my Mark's new employer, however we still have yet to receive the cards, or have confirmation.  So, the ER trip earlier this month... out of pocket.  Matthew's ear infection... out of pocket.  And, today Brayden was screaming for 2 hours and he'd been up the night prior so we knew... another Dr. appointment.  Mark talked to HR, and we have the group id, but not the right ID the ped. office needs, so again, it's... you guessed it 'out of pocket'.  They assured him the information would be available in the system Monday.  I set up a Dr. appt. for Brayden's 9 month check up way in advance because I need a night appointment and they fill up really fast.  They ask me if I want to reschedule due to the insurance issue.  I state, it will be fixed on Monday, so we should be good.  They ask me to call in the morning just so they can confirm it before I come.  I say will do, great.  Have the appointment, then go to check out (need to pay my 'out of pocket' fees).  Then she tells me, she's canceling my appointment for Monday.  (Didn't we just have this conversation??)  I told her, the insurance should be set, so we're good to NOT cancel the appointment.  She then starts to argue with me.  Saying it wasn't fair to take up that appointment time if I wasn't sure the insurance would come through on Monday.  I say, but the HR said it would be in, we're good.  She says, I'm canceling it.... SERIOUSLY?  WTF...WHAT DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND?  I'm not a confrontational person... just leave the flippen appointment alone?  ARGH! The woman was crazy, the Dr. happened to walk by, my son is screaming, she assumed I was arguing about the 'out of pocket' fees, so she says out of the blue... I can reduce your payment by 20%, but that's all.  I'm like, really?  Squeaky wheel gets the oil, and I wasn't even complaining!  Need to work on that non-confrontational thing I guess, free stuff is nice! So I get pissy and say, you know what, ' I'm a nice person, I'm not trying to screw your office..., but if it means that much to you cancel the damn appointment and I'll figure something else out.'... then she's like, NO NO NO, I'm keeping your appointment. What a waste of 20 minutes... My luck, the insurance won't pull through and I'll be paying yet $350 'out of pocket' fees for a typical check-up.  

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